winn dixie 5 off 30 printable coupon I love it when I can help you save money and I know this will. Print this coupon for $5 off $30 at Winn Dixie and you will instantly save yourself an instant 16.6% off your grocery bill by using it either at Winn Dixie or Publix as a Competitor coupon.  (That is why THIS blog is the HOME OF found money)

THEN, combine your regular store coupons and manufacturer coupons to get your bill even lower. The key to this savings is ONLY buying the $30 worth. Don’t go over or your “discount percentage” will effectively go down. If you need more than $30 worth of groceries, print several of these coupons and use them at different times or ask the cashier if you can use more than one by splitting up your transactions.

I use my Iphone to keep track of the running total cost of what I have in my cart so that I don’t go over. I can remember way back in the “olden days” my grandmother had a type of plastic “clicker” that she used to keep track of the same thing.  Do you remember these ?  vintage money counter calculator Oh how far we have come from this to the Iphone and printable coupons.  She used a counter like that to make sure she didn’t go over her budget because we actually used CASH and didn’t have the ATM or Credit Card backup plan. Times were a bit simpler.

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