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As a blogger, and someone who follows many blogs (or flat out just searches for free stuff), I get asked this question all the time!  You get so much free stuff!  I want some.  How do I get free stuff?

Free… is not always free.  Sometimes, free comes with a price.  Sometimes, there’s time involved.  Sometimes, it’s just downright hard work and patience that puts you on the road to free stuff!

This is a lot of info, so if you’re not interested in some of this stuff, scroll down to what fits you!

The #1 Easiest and Most Fun Way to Win Free Stuff

Search & Win

Click this image to see how WE make it fun on Facebook!

Swag Bucks! Swag Bucks! Swag Bucks! My friends and I have an absolute BLAST with Swag Bucks.  When they say Swag Bucks is the rewards community that works, they’re serious!  I was skeptical at first, but once I got going, I absolutely LOVE it!  It’s so simple.  Sign up for a Swag Bucks account – it’s totally free, and use it as your search engine!

Ditch Google and Yahoo, now!  They don’t pay you to search! You can even download a toolbar for your browser or set your current browser’s default search engine to Swag Bucks, and every time you need to search for something, you’re that much closer to winning bucks!  It will become second nature for you, AND you can do like we do, compete with your friends!  Once you get enough bucks, trade them in for different things like CASH to your paypal account or Amazon gift cards!  Since April, I’ve received over $80 in Amazon gift cards!

Enter to Win – Blog Giveaways

OOOOOOOhhh.. but that takes too much time, you say.  Think about this.  Entering to win blog giveaways may take, what 5 minutes TOPS to get all of the mandatory and bonus entries together?  What’s 5 minutes for a chance to win some cool stuff?  OOOOOoooohhhh.. but I never win, you say.  Yeah, but you’ll pay $10 for a chance to win millions, and you never win that either, do you?  The key to entering blog giveaways is to find a LOT of them, enter, and then KEEP up with the bonus entries!  Last year, about 20% of my kiddos Christmas gifts were stuff that I’d won from Giveaways!  Here are some great sites for cool giveaways!

There are many, many more blogs that giveaway stuff!  Just do a search for giveaways on Swagbucks!  Sure, entering giveaways can be time consuming if you’ve found a lot you’re interested in, but remember, I said… free isn’t really free?  Don’t forget to follow up for those extra daily or unlimited tweet entries!  Most of the time, those are the entries that will win stuff!

Free Baby and Kiddo Stuff

One great way to win stuff for your kiddos is to Sign Up for Zulily which is basically a deal a day site for moms and kiddos.  What’s cool about Zulily is they give you a personal referral link once you’ve signed up.  You can then post your referral link to your facebook or twitter account, and if your friends sign up under you, their first purchase (no matter how big or small) will automatically give you $15 credit!  I’ve received several Zulily purchases for absolutely free!

Free Food, Entertainment, Events, Clothing, and More

Here’s another cool tidbit that you probably didn’t know!  Living Social, a deal a day site that offers up to 90% discounts in social settings like restaurants, theaters, spas, venues, and more. Like Zulily, they’ll send you an email every day with deals in your specific area.  If you’re travelling, you can also check out your destination city deals to vacation on the cheap.  Ok, enough about cheap, let’s talk FREE!  If you see something you like, buy it! After you buy the deal, you’ll get a unique link to share (like Zulily). If three people buy the deal using your link, then your deal is free.  It happens WAY more often than you think, especially if there are deals like the ones last week like pay $1 for $20 in lunch and 2 movie tickets for $9! A-MA-ZING! Sign up for Living Social!

Start and Maintain a Daily Blog

Obviously, I’m a blogger.  Blogging consists of a lot of hours behind the laptop and a lot of research and work to get traffic flowing on my blog so that I can reach out to companies for product reviews and giveaways.  This is one way to get free stuff, but it’s definitely a part time to full time job.  If you want to go this route, be prepared for lots of upkeep!  You can even learn how to make money with your blog.

You can choose the free blog route such as WordPress or Blogger hosted blogs, you can do that. However, if you want 100% control over you blog, you’ll want to find your own domain name and hosting company.  You can use Host Gator or GoDaddy for hosting as well as GoDaddy for domain name purchases. Click here to check out prices for monthly hosting for your blog.

Once you get a blog, start here by letting it make money for you! Monetize your Blog!

Other Ways to Win Free Stuff

Keep on top of Twitter and Facebook.  These places are going to be your surefire go-to-spots for keeping up with the latestfreebies and giveaways.  Businesses will offer giveaways on Facebook for new fan bases as well as special events.  There are even fan pages specifically for freebies and giveaway listings! Get involved on Twitter and find out what’s up for grabs or where the latest twitter parties (follow your favorite companies) will be! These are a lot of fun and there are always a lot of great prizes to be won.  Don’t forget, though, if you’re attending a twitter party, you’ll need to make sure you find out where to register for the party before it starts to be eligible for prize winnings!

So… now you know where to get started with winning free stuff!  Just remember, nothing is 100% free, but it sure is great not to have to spend money from time to time!



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