It’s always cool when a new site comes out that let’s you keep tabs on what your friends and family member are doing, what they’re thinking (in 140 characters or less), what music they’re listening to, what they’re watching, what they’re taking pictures of, where they’ve been, what they’re cooking, or what has inspired them to do something later.

What if I told you, that now, you can actually keep up with what your friends own and what they want to buy as well as let them know what you own and you want to buy.

Ownza is a nifty new site where you can get deals and discounts just by sharing the product you own with your friends!  All you have to do is search for the items that you already own or want, add them to your “stuff” for others to see.

You can even “rant & rave” about the products you own so that your friends can get your opinion of the products for they decide to make their purchase.  This is a fantastic concept, because I am more likely to trust my friends’ judgement than weed through tons of consumer reviews.

If you download the Ownza plug-in, you can buy something from a partner store and earn and average of 2-15% cash back!  Once you’ve earned $10 back, you can cash out to your Paypal account!

Start unlocking your deals by signing up for a FREE Ownza account!



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