how to pot a christmas tree 2010 martha stewart style

This year I wanted to make our Christmas Tree more unique. I wanted a potted Christmas Tree. I also wanted to incorporate something of my Mother’s who passed away last year.  Mom collected crocks and therefore, now I collect crocks and am always trying to come up with some way to make them functional.

A few months back I had seen where Martha Stewart had potted a Christmas Tree rather than using a traditional stand and skirt.  Of course I couldn’t find that picture or website again to save my life when it came time to pot my tree, so I thought I would do my own tutorial Here :

christmas tree 2010 crocks close up martha stewart style

  1. You need to pick a crock or a pot that is going to be big enough so that it doesn’t look out of proportion with your tree.  This Crock with the monogram G on it is the biggest one I have so although I think it is a tad bit small, it will have to work.

2.  Because this crock already has a crack in it doesn’t mean I can’t use it.  The crack gives it character.  We then added a plastic liner bowl to collect the water in the bottom.

christmas tree 2010 inside of crock with plastic liner

3.  We then picked out a clay pot that was going to be large enough to fit the trunk of the tree snugly .  The clay will be helpful in wicking water up to the trunk of the tree.  And Mr. Peterson also cut all the bottom branches off with Pruning Shears so that the lower branches wouldn’t be down in the pot.
christmas tree 2010 picking a clay pot 4.  Putting the plastic pot in first, then the clay pot , We then stood the tree upright in the crock.  While I held the tree straight, Mr. Peterson added river rock by hand down inside all the pots. We bought this  River Rock at Lowe’s for just $3.75 a bag and only used one.  He added the rocks by hand so that he didn’t crack our crock any more than it already is ! I have no idea how old the crock is or where it is from, other than my Mother always bought antiques from the Bob Brooks Auction House in New Jersey.  If you are an expert in crocks … leave me a comment and tell me some history.
If the crock is worth $10,000 I probably shouldn’t be putting my Christmas Tree in it !

That’s it ! christmas tree 2010 adding river rock

You can now safely add water to the base of the tree and the it will drain down thru the rock to

keep your tree fresh through the holiday.

Here is a picture of it all potted.  We will be having a Tree Trimming Party this week so

I will update photos of it once it is fully decorated. final christmas tree in pot with quilt hanging

My mother was also a quilter so I hung up one of her Christmas quilts over the

French Doors just to set the mood.

The tree has been tied up in the bailing string so the branches will continue to fall from

gravity and start to fill out by the time we decorate it.

Now, the best part of this Christmas Tree adventure was the DEAL we got on the 8ft. tree itself.

It was only $30 !

For the metropolis of Jacksonville FL this is a good deal for an 8ft tree.  The key was that when we got to the tree lot, I said , “show me your DEALS !”  The attendant could tell I didn’t want to spend $80 on a tree because I said “oh these are way too much” .

So he hustled us on over to the “deal section” It was off to the side but the trees looks just fine to us.  He said “All of these trees over here are $30 no matter what the size” .  “What’s wrong with them ? ” I asked.  He replied, “Nothing, we just have to have some deals set aside for those people like you that won’t pay full price !”

So there you have it, just open your mouth !

Don’t forget if you need any supplies from Lowe’s this Holiday, you can get online, order it, and they’ll have it ready within 20 minutes for pickup.  If you are short on time this Holiday Season, that service can make it very handy especially if you are a woman and you don’t want to toss those heavy river rocks into the shopping cart by yourself.


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