gmc test drive offer

In my mailbox this week, I received a $50 Test Drive offer from GMC .

Get a $50 Prepaid American Express  card when you test drive any 2011 GMC vehicle by  7/5/11. I love test drive offers but there are not that many of them so you have to make sure you do them when they come up. The trick is getting the offers at all.

I cannot tell you “how to” get the offer because there really isn’t a full proof way. I have signed up for all the car companies websites  to request brochures at one point or another.  You eventually get on mailing lists and get offers in the mail when they are available.  There is a chance that if you request a brochure NOW, that you still might get the offer in the mail either this time or next time.  Be on the lookout for this flyer because you just might mistake it as junk mail.

You must be invited to test drive to get the money because there are unique codes on the mailers. I cannot just give you a website for the invitation.  This test drive flyer seems to be focused on the Sierra although it says you can test drive any GMC to receive your $50.  I had requested a GMC Sierra truck brochure a few weeks ago, so that is probably why I got this offer.

Once you get a test drive invitation, all you have to do is go and test drive the car, the dealer either signs the form or gives you the dealer code to redeem for your money. IT is SO EASY. We are always honest and tell them we are not going to buy a car today but want to do the test drive offer. This way if they don’t want us to waste their time, sometimes they just sign it and don’t bother with the actual drive. It truly is FOUND MONEY. I send my husband because he loves cars anyway and if he is going to go hang out at a car dealer, I’d rather get paid for it.


ps… Hey GMC, How about letting me drive one on vacation and doing a review?  If you came here to read about this, so did thousands of other people.  Pitch me !

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