Big Skinny Wallet – Groupon Online Deal – Think Xmas Presents !

$12 for $25 Worth of Ultra-Thin Wallets at Big Skinny

big skinny wallet review

I actually own one of these Big Skinny Wallets. I own this one : Panther Clutch available on Amazon for $29.95 and it even fits my Iphone ! big skinny clutch

My husband bought it for me for my birthday and he was so excited about it that he couldn’t wait the extra 3 days until my actual birthday, he had to give it to me early. When I opened it, I must tell you I did not share his enthusiasm. He was bouncing off the couch and thought I should be as well for this awesome wallet. I think I irritated him because I said “why should I be that excited, its a black wallet, its not diamonds or anything?” He bought it at one of the kiosks at the mall and paid much more than this Groupon deal. When he told me how much he paid for it, I said what was it a blonde bombshell selling it or something ? I really didn’t understand what marketing ploy they had used to entice my husband to spend quite a bit of money on a black wallet for such a special day of mine.

Then I started to use it.

Then I knew why he fell in love with it. My purse is huge and has been jokingly called the “Mary Poppins Purse”. I have just about everything you would ever need in there. That is why the Ultra thin wallet makes it perfect because it lets me have the same stuff but take up half the room. Its amazing ! Sometimes I really don’t feel like toting around the Mary Poppins Purse, so I just grab my Big Skinny and I know I have everything I really need if I get into any trouble. My drivers license,insurance and registration, my credit card, my iphone, some cash (not much) and some coins. I was really impressed that he took so much thought into my birthday gift to search out something that would be useful and unique.

Ultra-thin nylon micro-fiber wallet maintains sleek profile while keeping cards, cash & important assets secure Big Skinny cradles stockpiles of cards, cash, and other important belongings inside sleek and durable wallets.

Crafted from ultra-thin and resilient nylon micro-fiber and top-grain leathers, Big Skinny models weigh approximately 1 ounce and maintain a slender profile even when fully stocked with credit cards, business cards, and third-grade photos of ex-presidents. Each wallet is crafted with material five-to-seven sizes slimmer than a traditional wallet and dries out within one-to-two hours of getting drenched with a Super Soaker. With the multi-pocket bi-fold, wallet holders pack away up to 25 plastic cards in pockets lined with rubber backing that prevents them from being lost when held upside-down ($23.95). The tri-fold wallet contains four extra-wide credit-card pockets and closes to a thickness of 5 millimeters ($24.95). Big Skinny also bestows ultra-thin technology on passport holders ($23.95+), money clips ($19.95), and card holders ($7.95).

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